Paul Kittelson was born in Wheaton, Minnesota, 1959. He received his BFA in 1982 from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and his MFA from the University of Houston in 1985. Since 1992 Kittelson has served on the faculty of the UH School of Art. Besides teaching, his professional practice includes studio-generated works in a multitude of media and large-scale public art projects. His studio work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries. For over 25 years Kittelson has engaged the larger public audience through temporary site-specific works and community-based projects. Kittelson has also completed several large-scale permanent installations that have become Houston landmarks.

Fellowships, Grants and Awards

2003            A. I. A. Houston Artist of the Year

1997            Creative Artist Program Award, sponsored by the Cultural Arts Council of Houston, Harris County, Texas

1995            Artist Project Grant, Cultural Arts Council of Houston, Harris County, Texas

1989            Mid-America Arts Alliance

One-Person Exhibitions

2014            Through The Lunchbox, One Allen Center, Houston

                    Lean, Devin Borden Gallery, Houston

              Mirror-Mirror, Nau-Haus Gallery, Houston

2008            Modern Conveniences, Nau-Haus Gallery, Houston

2007            Elsewhere, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

2004            Bending Venus, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

2003            Melt down, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

2002            The Next Supper, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

1999          New Sculpture, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

Selected Group Exhibitions 


True North, Heights Blvd Exhibition, Houston

Another Layover,
Houston Art Alliance Gallery

Simple Ingredients, The Mariago Collective, Houston

A Panoramic View/ TX Sculpture Group,
Lawndale Art Center, Houston


Western Sequels: Art From The Lone Star, Tophane-l Amir Culture & Art Center,
Istanbul, Turkey


Swirl, ACU Art Gallery, Abilene, TX

Pride, Protest & The Plains, Red Arrow Contemporary, Dallas, TX

Espoused, Art Museum of South East Texas, Beaumont, TX

Western Sequels: Art From The Lone Star, The Athens School of Fine Arts,
Athens, Greece


 Scratch Off, Art Gallery @ HCCS, Central

  Itchy Acres Artist Community, Gallery Nord, San Antonio TX

 Texas Uprising: Selections from the Texas Sculpture Group Part II, Blue Star Art Space,

 San Antonio, TX

 Vacation, Williams Tower, Houston TX

 Objectivity, DM Allison Gallery, Houston TX

 Pan Y Circos, PG Contemporary, Houston TX


 30 Years Revisited, Abilene Reunion Exhibition, Center for Contemporary Art, Abilene TX

 Arts in Academics: Works by Houston Arts Faculty, Beeville Art Museum, Beeville TX

 Material & deStructure: The Creative Alternative in Art, Poissant Gallery, Houston TX


 Art in the Park, Arts Assembly of Midland, TX

 Great Texas Sculpture Round-up, Part 2, Art Car Museum, Houston, TX

 Great Texas Sculptue Round-up, Beeville Art Museum, Beeville, TX


 Collage, Williams Tower Gallery, Houston,


 Big and Little, 2 exhibits at the Cameron Art Museum, Wilmington, NC

 Museum Del Arte Nacionale, Lima Peru

 Abilene Outdoor Exhibition, Abilene TX

 LU, The ArtCar Museum, Houston 

 Art on the Green, Kemp Center for the Arts, Wichita Falls TX            


 Houston Now, Williams Tower, Houston

 Contemporary Arts Houston, Shanghai Museum on Fine Art, Shanghai China


 Texmas, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

 Root Squared Cultural Arts Council, Houston/Harris County, Houston


 Sweet Tooth, COPIA The American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts, Napa California

 Food Matters-Explorations in Contemporary Art, Katonah Mus of Art, Katonah, NY

 Patterns & Serial Randomness, The Beaker Gallery, Tampa


 I-45 Combined, Lowell Collins Gallery, Houston

 Buffalo Bayou Art Park Show: Watermelon Flats, Art League, Houston


 Bang, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

 Outdoor Sculpture, North Harris County College, Houston

 Food Glorious Food, Gallery Northwest, Indiana University NW, Gary


 Edible Materials, UTSA Satellite Space, San Antonio

 New Sculpture, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

 Frame, Lawndale Art Center, Houston

 Texas Survey - East Texas, One Houston Center, Houston; curator: M. Mayo

 Fragments for a memory of the Human Body, Mother Dog Studios, Houston

 Prints and Sculptures, Rosebud Gallery, Houston


 Gallery Artists: New Work, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston

 The Altoids® Curiously Strong Collection, 1999, traveled to New York, Las Vegas, Chicago,

 Miami, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

 In Motion, The Artful Garden, Houston

 Art in the Park, Arts Assembly of Midland, TX

Public Commissions

2014                 You Are Here,  Magnolia Light Rail Transit Center. 3 stainless steel trees

                Take-off, in collaboration with Carter Ernst. A 30’ stainless steel bird’s nest

                        at Hobby Airport, Houston, TX

2005                Root Square  Heritage Lanterns, in collaboration with Carter Ernst. Five stainless steel

                        towers with LED lights, at Root Memorial Square Park in downtown Houston

2002               Bayou Beacons, in collaboration with Rey De La Reza Architects. stainless steel light structures for the
                       I-45 Freeway as it passes over Buffalo Bayou, Downtown, Houston, Texas

1999                Nicholas Broodo Playhouse, in collaboration with Carter Ernst.  a concrete and tile memorial,
                        Shlenker Elementary School, Houston, TX

1997                Doughnut, No Tsu Oh, Houston, Texas

Passage, in collaboration with Carter Ernst, a permanent installation at the University of Houston
                        Downtown Campus, Houston, Texas

Douglas Elementary: SPARK Park Steel Gates and tile murals Kit featuring children’s’ artwork,
                         in collaboration with Carter Ernst, Houston, Texas

1989-96           The Children’s Brigade, in collaboration with Carter Ernst: Construction of fifteen 12’ tall cutout toy
                         soldiers. painted by several hundred area children and used as an annual Christmas display by the
                         Wortham Center, Houston,Texas

1983-95            Mud Sculptures, Using locally found mud, several sculptures have been done each year at local schools,
                         colleges, museums, and various public events.  The sculptures generally consist of life size figures.
                         They are created on site and last for several weeks. Houston, TX

1995                 Cunningham Elementary: SPARK Park tile benches and concrete paving featuring children’s artwork, Houston, Texas

1993             Garbage Monster, A roving animated sculpture, in collaboration with Tim Glover, commissioned by the                                                       Houston  International Festival, Houston, Texas

             Travisaurus, an outdoor play-area including concrete dinosaur bone play-structure and surrounded by children’s
                      artwork at Travis Elementary School, Houston, Texas


Museum Collections

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
The Menil Collection, Houston 
The New Museum, New York 
The Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Texas

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